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 National High School students are at the center of the learning process. Students experience an accredited virtual classroom that
 values cooperation, diversity, and high academic achievement. As in traditional classes, students are responsible for learning
 course content and completing course requirements. Students may find that the e-teacher has posted an announcement to the
 class, responded to questions or work submitted the previous class day, or made a new assignment available.

We at the National High School have perfected the infrastructure needed to run a successful e-learning business, and are now thrilled to offer unprecedented revenue share opportunities with our affiliates.

What exactly does the National High School offer its students?

At National High School, you will find the same classes that you find in traditional high schools. We provide a comprehensive set of high school classes online that cover core subjects, as well as additional areas of study. National High School has over 100 course offerings. E-teachers and the Virtual School guidance counselor are available year round to help you pick the courses that are right for you and your post graduation goals. We also have a Course Suggestion List with recommended classes to begin with. Receive a well-rounded online high school education! Our curriculum is challenging, innovative, and aligned with national standards.

What is required to join the National High School Affiliate Program?

Members need very little to join the National High School Affiliate Program. If you have either a web-based or traditional business, you're 99% on your way to being a member! All that is left is to fill out the form below. The National High School Affiliate Program Administrator will review your application, and let you know within 24-48 hours whether or not you have been excepted.

Once you are a NHS Affiliate member, you will be issued a username and password to login to your accounts page. The accounts page will let you track your acquired referrals, giving you the ability to view your due commissions in a user-friendly interface, completely free of charge.

Also included in the accounts page is marketing material that will allow you to refer leads. If you are a web-based business, you can download a number of banners with unique referral codes. Full instructions are included, showing you how to incorporate these banners and unique referral codes into your website. If you have a traditional business, you can download and print marketing material that again have unique referral codes.

How Does the National High School Affiliate Program work?

The National High School Affiliate program offers a $50 per student per month revenue share with its affiliates per student registration. Any referred link from an affiliate takes the visitor to a free student application page that includes:

Once a referred student fills out a free student application, that student will be tagged with your referral code. Whether the student enrolls 2 days later or 2 years later, you will receive your monthly commission.

The National High School utilizes tremendous resources in enrolling students, including its own call center, bulk mail campaigns, bulk email campaigns, seasonal discount programs, CPC and CPM ads, etc. These efforts are extremely effective in turning referred applicants into enrolled students.

Once an applicant enrolls in the National High School program and pays montly, you will be paid your monthly $50 commission per student. Before long, commissions of this level will put your company in the highest class of commission-based referral earnings!

Please note that the National High School is a subsidiary of a Corporate Entity. All information concerning the National High School Affiliate Program is independently audited and available to the public, so all affiliate members are assured all due commissions.

Every affiliate member of the National High School is required to take a short preview of all information posted on website. Each member is also recommended to tour the virtual campus and read thoroughly the entirety of the High School catalog.

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