Geometry course focuses on the principal areas essential that deepen the understanding of two and three-dimensional objects and their properties. Deductive and inductive reasoning as well as investigative strategies in drawing conclusions are stressed. Properties and relationships of geometric objects include the study of: (1) points, lines, angles and planes; (2) polygons, with a special focus on quadrilaterals, triangles, right triangles; (3) circles; and (4) polyhedra and other solids. An understanding of proof and logic is developed.

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The Mathematics courses focus on the principal areas essential to understanding the introduction of variables, constants, expressions and equations. Students learn fundamental concepts such as integers; linear equations; how to add, subtract, multiply and divide monomials and polynomials; factoring of polynomials and solving of quadratic equations. The courses also includes radicals and exponents Topics which will be discussed are essential to solving equations, simplifying expressions, understanding order of operations, using properties (field axioms), arithmetic operations with positive and negative numbers, polynomials, factoring, graphing (linear and quadratic equations), working with radicals and expanding arithmetic knowledge.

The courses also focus on the principal areas essential to understanding math concepts including linear and quadratic equations, inequalities, relations, functions, radicals, imaginary and complex numbers. Emphasis is placed upon development of math skills through study of exponential and logarithmic functions, probability, statistics and elements of trigonometry. The major component of mathematics subject area are advanced topics in Algebra. The students continue the study of statistics including probability, distributions, and linear regression. The course integrates geometry, algebra, statistics, discrete mathematics, algebraic and transcendental functions, and problem solving with the use of graphing calculators.

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Academic Environment and Student Achievement:
  • National High School’s courses are designed to challenge our students. Each course includes extensive professional-level readings supplemental to the assigned text or texts, and requires the assimilation and measurable application of large blocks of knowledge.
  • Assignments are designed to promote strong critical thinking, analytical, and communicative skills. Each course has been developed and reviewed by multiple field experts, and is subject to regular revision, as the faculty, administration and National Advisory Council deems appropriate.
  • In tandem with course syllabi and programmatic development, faculties of the highest caliber (nationally-recruited) select and approve the text or texts and readings for each course.
  • Each course (general education courses, core courses, specialized field-specific courses) requires several critical reading/writing assignments (with emphasis on both content analysis and communicative skills), three exams, a comprehensive final examination, with an approved proctor in place. The final examinations are notably challenging, as they require thorough assimilation of ALL course materials.
  • Qualified faculty and significant learning resources are in place to facilitate and foster student success: that is the High School’s ultimate objective. At the same time, it befalls the student to produce work worthy of the diploma for which he or she is a candidate and such standards of excellence.
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