World History

World History

The World History course focuses on the principal areas essential to understanding the development of civilizations by examining the past to prepare for their future as participating members of a global community. Students will use knowledge pertaining to history, geography, economics, political processes, religion, ethics, diverse cultures, and humanities to solve problems in academic, civic, social, and employment settings. Students will learn time-space relationships, prehistory, rise of civilization, cultural universals, development of religion and the impact of religious thought, evolution of political systems and philosophies, interactions between science and society, development of nationalism as a global phenomenon, origin and course of economic systems and philosophies, influence of significant historical figures and events and contemporary world affairs.

High School Course Materials

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What You’ll Study
This subject area is designed to build on students’ prior knowledge and skill sets in the application of social studies information and tools to understand complex relations between the physical environment and human existence. While focusing on each part of the world, students are able to recognize characteristics distinguishing regions in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa. Each regional study encompasses an in-depth study of the physical geography, culture, economy, government, and social dynamics defining the land and people. An historical element is intertwined into the regional studies, as an investigation of the earliest civilizations demonstrates how and why people migrated to different locations, and how the people in these places survived and advanced with available resources. National High School offers the following courses in social studies for both its individual course program and high school diploma program. Students can choose courses of their interest after discussing them with their student counsellor.

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Academic Environment and Student Achievement:
  • National High School’s courses are designed to challenge our students. Each course includes extensive professional-level readings supplemental to the assigned text or texts, and requires the assimilation and measurable application of large blocks of knowledge.
  • Assignments are designed to promote strong critical thinking, analytical, and communicative skills. Each course has been developed and reviewed by multiple field experts, and is subject to regular revision, as the faculty, administration and National Advisory Council deems appropriate.
  • In tandem with course syllabi and programmatic development, faculties of the highest caliber (nationally-recruited) select and approve the text or texts and readings for each course.
  • Each course (general education courses, core courses, specialized field-specific courses) requires several critical reading/writing assignments (with emphasis on both content analysis and communicative skills), three exams, a comprehensive final examination, with an approved proctor in place. The final examinations are notably challenging, as they require thorough assimilation of ALL course materials.
  • Qualified faculty and significant learning resources are in place to facilitate and foster student success: that is the High School’s ultimate objective. At the same time, it befalls the student to produce work worthy of the diploma for which he or she is a candidate and such standards of excellence.
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