Every year, students are faced with new situations that may require homeschool. For parents, this is an equally shared burden. Fortunately, National High School offers an alternative solution to traditional schooling all year round.

Former Homeschool Students:

There are many different scenarios for why National High School is convenient for students who have previously be in homeschool. For example, for many families, parents are working full time and do not have the time to dedicate to the teaching and administrative responsibilities required, parents do not have the qualifications needed to teach core subjects, or students may require an accredited and recognized diploma in order to attend the college of their choice.

In addition, National High School is a great option for both formally homeschooled and first time homeschooling students for the following reasons:

National High School
  1. Offers an advanced college prep diploma track that is geared to meet the admission requirements of colleges and universities. The advanced college prep diploma track also meets or exceeds all state education standards.
  2. Allows both homeschooled and transfer students to transfer in their home school or previous school's credits. In addition, all credits earned at National High School can be transferred to any school of the student's choice.
  3. Takes care of all administrative work including in house record keeping, grading, monthly progress reports, and provides students with a student services coordinator that students can contact daily for questions regarding their assignments.
  4. Provides students with teachers who offer live instruction and Q&A sessions which are pre-recorded for the students' convenience should a class lecture need to be revisited.
  5. Offers students an option to earn their high school diploma while allowing them additional time to focus on their extracurricular obligations. For example, students who are heavily involved in sports.

National High School allows students to work on their courses at their own pace, and have 24/7 access to their assignments. Regardless of what family obligations need to be met, students can earn their diploma from home. The convenience and flexibility of National High School's online courses is apparent.